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Designated Engineering Representatives, or DERs, help the FAA approve systems for flight use.  TBV Associates is proud to offer Software DER services, covering the whole life cycle of your project, including finding compliance and issuance of an 8110-3 form approving the data.

TBV Associates' DERs are able to review your software planning, development, verification, and final data, perform all Stage of Involvement (SOI) reviews, liaise with the certification authority, and approve or recommend your data as appropriate.  TBV Associates prides itself in being thorough and accurate, working quickly through the data to ensure smooth success in the certification of your system.

Our DER services include:
  • Software Planning Review (SOI-1)
  • Software Development Review (SOI-2)
  • Software Verification Review (SOI-3)
  • Software Certification Review (SOI-4)
  • Tool Qualification review and recommendation
  • Issuance of FAA Form 8110-3s
  • Liaison with the Certification Authority