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Clarity in technical documents is an absolute requirement.  Precision and accuracy are paramount in the prevention of  ambiguity and incompleteness.  But all too often, the brilliant technical mind that designs and creates software applications struggles wiith the written language, unable to easily create the clear, concise documentation that serves best to prevent misunderstandings and miscommunication between developers and with the certification authority.

The sterling writer, on the other hand, often does not have the technical background to fully understand the subject matter of the technical documentation they write and/or review.  Their skills in the English language polish the words, but can subtly alter the meaning, especially when certification concepts are involved.

TBV Associates offers the best of both worlds.  We can provide a comprehensive suite of technical document review services, including:
  • Technical proofreading
    • Identification of unclear or ambiguous wording
    • Identification of inconsistencies in requirements or other documentation
  • Technical Editing
    • Creation of technical document templates
    • Alteration of technical documents for format and content
    • Documentation of existing software processes
  • Documents we can help provide:
    • Software Planning Documents (PSAC, SDP, SVP, etc.)
    • Software Requirements and Design Documents
    • Software Verification Documents
    • Tool Qualification Documents
Ambiguity is the clarity killer.  TBV Associates can help rid your documents of ambiguity and its brother incompleteness, which will help minimize the issues that arise late in your certification effort due to miscommunication