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Fast-track DO-178B Compliance

TBV Associates is dedicated to helping you develop safe and correct software in accordance with the guidance of DO-178B/ED-12B and DO-178C/ED-12C,  Our expertise in process design, tool evaluation and qualification, and technical document review and editing can be invaluable in the development of airborne software.

From the start of the planning process, through the culmination of system-level testing, TBV Associates can offer assistance in understanding and applying the guidance for software certification.  Our services include:
  • Software DER Services
    • Certification Authority Liaison
    • Performance of Stage of Involvement Reviews
    • Issuance of FAA Form 8110-3 to approve or recommend data.
  • Education on the processes and activities required under DO-178B/C
    • Requirements development and verification
    • Design development and verification
    • Software testing
    • Structural coverage
  • Technical Document Services
    • Technical proofreading
    • Technical document review
    • Technical editing
  • Software Tool Services
    • Tool evaluation
    • Tool integration with your process
    • Tool qualification review
  • Communication with your DER to ensure proper certification liaison activities
  • DO-178B/C Process Consulting
With over 19 years experience in the development and certification of high-integrity safety-critical software, TBV Associates offers critical resources for the success of your project.  Contact us today and let us help you succeed!